100+ Self-Care Ideas to Try This Weekend for the Ultimate Self-Care Saturday (or Self-Care Sunday)

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Hey mamas! It goes without saying that motherhood is hard, right?

No matter what your circumstances may be, whether you are stay-at-home mom or a working mom, you are faced with endless challenges every day.

And even though, as mamas, we often find reasons or excuses as to why we simply cannot find the extra time – prioritizing a few minutes for ourselves is not only important but it may likely lead to us feeling like better parents.

I have said it many times before, and I will continue to reiterate it throughout my posts (because mamas, it is important) – self-care is not selfish, it is necessary. 

In this post I will offer you self-care tips for moms, as well as over 100 ideas of things both stay-at-home or working moms can implement into their daily routines in order to promote self-care.

Included in this list of self-care ideas for moms are things intended for stay-at-home moms or working moms, things that may require only 5-10 minutes or an entire day, and things that you can engage in alone or with others.

Many of the ideas on this list of self-care ideas for moms are FREE, however several of these ideas may require a little indulgence.

Remember, you deserve this mama! I am all too familiar with the overwhelming feelings of mom guilt (aren’t we all?) – but it is important to know that you matter. It is okay to feel as though your identity as a mother comes first – it does, indeed. However, it is vital to also nurture the small part of you that existed before motherhood. In doing so, we can often create a sense of balance in our life and relationships.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links in which I earn a small commission when you make a purchase. There is no additional cost to you and all recommendations are based on my experience.

How to Implement Self-Care

So mamas, how do we implement self-care into our daily routines?

It is important to recognize that self-care isn’t a one-size fits all concept – self-care is different for everybody. Your self-care needs may also change over time – it is important to focus on your own personal needs when considering self-care ideas.

Maybe your self-care needs require you to leave a stressful job and pursue a new career or maybe that require a move or change in environment.

Although the answer to how we implement self-care into our daily routines may be different for everyone, there are a few common methods through which self-care practices are found to be effective:

·        Practice self-care with intention; be intentional

·        Make time for your self-care

·        Find balance

·        Do not allow your tank to run on empty; avoid burnout

Wellness, which is at the core of self-care, is a multi-dimensional concept and can be categorized into five main areas:

·        Physical

·        Intellectual

·        Emotional

·        Spiritual

·        Social

Be mindful of these areas of wellness as you are determining your self-care needs. Some days, you may find that you need to focus on self-care of the mind, while on other days you may require a more physical approach.

It is important to try and satisfy all of your self-care needs – in all five areas of wellness. This promotes optimal self-care and essentially provides us with a sense of overall wellness.

Benefits of Self-Care

Self-care can help keep a busy parent grounded – it’s certainly helped me!

Research also suggests that self-care has the ability to boost self-esteem, increase creativity, improve decision- making, enhance productivity, and promote better communication skills.

These are just a few of the many benefits of self-care.

Self-care is also an incredibly important aspect of our mental health and wellbeing as moms.

Many of us, including myself, struggle with our mental health – whether it be depression, anxiety, PPD (postpartum depression), OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), etc.

Personally, I struggle with ALL of the above.

Add the complexity of the inevitable mom guilt we all likely feel (I know I do.) – you feel bad simply for wanting a moment to yourself and you feel even worse when you take that time for yourself. You convince yourself that it isn’t necessary; that it is selfish.

I often feel guilty for squeezing in a 10-minute shower while my toddler is napping. I convince myself that I could be folding that load of laundry or prepping dinner instead so that when my 2-year-old awakes I am ready to focus on him.

The truth is – the mess will still be there, and those things will still need to be done after my shower.

The reality is this, mamas – the mess is still going to be there, those dishes will still need to be washed, and that laundry will still need to be folded. It is important for us to take that time for ourselves – you matter.

Although I have no knowledge of where the saying originated, so it goes:

“Happy kids have happy moms.”

You got this, mamas. More importantly, you are not alone.

By making time to feel good and practicing self-care, accomplishing those everyday tasks feel so much more manageable.

If your gas light suddenly turned on in your car, would you continue to drive around? Probably not. You will likely be detouring to your nearest gas station to refuel.

Similarly, you cannot allow yourself to run on an empty tank, so make sure to care for yourself and refuel as often as you can.

Below I have listed over 100+ simple self-care ideas that you can easily incorporate into your self-care weekend.

It does not have to be a self-care Saturday, a self-care Sunday is just as rewarding.

Good luck, mamas!

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100+ Self-Care Saturday Ideas for Moms

Take five minutes or a whole day to revitalize your sense of well-being with these ideas for self-care and self-care activities.  

1.    Take a Long Shower

How often have you put off taking a shower until the last minute in order to complete something else that must be done? I do this all the time – I often end up falling asleep instead of showering and having to do so early in the morning before the kids awaken.

Taking a shower may seem like a simple task, but it can be oh, so luxurious for moms (trust me). So make a nice, long, relaxing shower a part of your night or morning routine.

2.    Wash Your Face

Another simple task that can be so rewarding. Grab your favorite facewash and cleanse mamas – it often induces a sense of relaxation and can leave you feeling refreshed and recharged.

3.    Exfoliate

Although it may seem minimal, you’d be surprised at how rewarding it feels to allow your skin to breathe. Whether you take a few minutes daily or even once a week – I promise you mamas, the sensation you experience is relieving.

4.    Apply a Face Mask

Not so luxurious, right?

I personally find applying a face mask to be both refreshing and relaxing. It is my favorite thing to do after a long day (only second to a glass of wine, of course).

5.    Makeup Application

How could applying makeup be considered an aspect of self-care?

Well mamas, I’m not suggesting that you get all fancy or prom ready or anything like that – unless of course, you want to.

Applying makeup also doesn’t require you to have somewhere to go, so don’t wait for that work dinner or high school reunion to get dolled up.

Applying a little mascara or a light shade of lipstick is my go-to these days (I am not a fan of makeup). I don’t wear makeup regularly – it isn’t a part of my daily routine, but I do find that when I do apply makeup it provides me with a confidence boost.

So they say,

“When you look good, you feel good.”

6.    Drink Coffee

Admittedly so, this should have been at the very top of this list. I personally am one of those mamas that simply needs coffee – on some days, it even seems more vital than air.

I have a dream that one day soon I will purchase an expresso machine (I want one!).

For now, I absolutely love my Keurig. I simply purchase my favorite K-Cups (Dunkin, of course) and keep ‘em coming throughout my day.

I am sure that coffee is not an essential for all of you, as it is for me – but whatever the case, sitting down for a nice cup of coffee is a great self-care idea to keep in mind.

7.    Style Your Hair

How long have you been walking around styling’ that messy mom bun that almost appears like slipknot, mamas?

I have admittedly been throwing my hair up into that messy mom bun for as long as I can remember – I almost never style my hair.

Jazz it up a little. You by no means have to go for the “supermodel” look but take the time to style your hair in a way that makes you feel both comfortable and confident.

For me (I have exceptionally thin hair), styling my hair usually requires a simple low-heat straightener – trust me, it’s an upgrade from the tragic, daily mom bun that has become almost an accessory to my wardrobe. 

8.    Yoga

Yoga can help to reduce stress for both the body and mind. It is also known to increase creativity.

So, join that local yoga class or heard about recently, or turn to good old YouTube for some inspiring yoga videos.

9.    Dance

Ask Alexa to turn up your favorite tunes and have a dance party. Wear your earbuds to the grocery store and zone out, turn up the volume to your car radio and jam out on your way to drop the kids off at school or have the whole family join in and dance while you conquer some chores in the house together.

Dancing promotes a sense of relief and ultimately less stress.

10. Listen to a Song from Your Past

Who doesn’t love a good throwback song?

Admittedly so, I am a 90’s girl and I simply cannot get enough of the music from my time (I feel incredibly old talking about the 90’s as if they are ancient history).

Crank up your favorite boy band (NSYNC or Backstreet Boys) or belch out some Brittney or Christina.

11. Listen to a Motivational Playlist

Whatever platform you use for music – whether it be Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Spotify, etc., create a playlist that motivates and energizes you.

Play it. Play it loud.

Maybe you are just simply bumping your head while typing away on your computer or folding the laundry. Whatever the case, a playlist that energizes and motivates you can set the tone for the rest of your day.

12. Start a Show on Netflix

Have some acquired free time? Netflix is a great place to turn.

This may require a bit of “Netflix research” – find a show that truly interests you.

Find a comfortable place to lounge, grab your favorite blanket, and make a light snack.

13. Journal

Personally, I am much more of a writer than a talker. When it come to the things that I may be struggling with I find it easier to write them down than to confront them with conversation.

This allows me to both release the things that are stressful or overwhelming and allows me to articulate my thoughts around them in order to seek a solution.

I have always been able to express myself better through my writing. Essentially writing is my safe space – it is how I feel the most understood. 

14. Brain Dump

I recently compiled a post based solely on brain dumps. What are Brain Dumps and how can they be implemented into our self-care routines?

Personally, I have began conducting a brain dump at least once weekly. I usually implement a brain dump into my self-care routine on the day or days in which I feel the most overwhelmed.

I find that being able to give all of those overwhelming thoughts a permanent place on a physical list helps me to organize my thoughts and essentially, enables me to be more productive in completing each task or confronting each problem.

15. Listen to a Podcast

Listening to a podcast is a great way to unwind.

16. Read a Book

Many of us take reading for granted without realizing that reading promotes several benefits to our well-being. Reading has been proven to reduce stress, as well as improve memory, build self-esteem, and develop or improve skills.

We are required to read in so many aspects in our day-to-day lives, that many of us often overlook the benefits of simply reading out of interest or pleasure.

I, for one, love to read. Although, I am not able to read as much as I did prior to motherhood – I find peace and solitude in being able to sit comfortably in my bed and engorge myself in a good read while my 2-year-old son naps in the afternoon, or before going to bed.

If you are looking for a book to help you along in your journey to self-improvement, be sure to check out my recent post 40+ Self-Help Books to Read in 2022. You will surely find an amazing book that is ideal for your circumstances and will be beneficial to your own personal growth.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to read a book, specifically – read an informative article from your local newspaper or pick up a magazine to satisfy your craving for entertainment. The possibilities are endless.

17. Get a Massage

A massage naturally relieves stress. I have personally found a massage to reduce my anxiety when it becomes too overwhelming.

Studies have also shown that implementing massage therapy into your weekly routine can help to keep your body fully functional and your mind fully clear.

Snag a deal and get a couples massage with your best friend or your significant other. It does not have to be at a luxurious spa (search within your budget). I promise you – it will be worth it. The release of tension that you will feel and that overwhelming sense of calm and refreshment that will consume your body is almost indescribable.

18. Take a Nap

Sometimes your body just quite literally needs rest.

Ensuring that you are getting enough sleep often leads to making more quality decisions. It also promotes patience and often leave you feeling less agitated.

Often times, I fall asleep with my toddler while getting him down for a nap in the afternoon. Almost immediately I experience that dreadful mom guilt I am sure that we are all too familiar with.

19. Make a To-Do List

Personally, there is something about having a plan and a sense of order that is oddly satisfying. That may be largely in part because of my daily struggles with anxiety and OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) – my mind requires order, and even more so, I simply need to get things done.

Making a to-do list is a great way to regain some order in your life. Essentially it allows you to release the thoughts from your mind and gives them a more permanent place.

20. Create a Shopping List

This could be a grocery shopping list or maybe even a list of crafts you need for some projects that you’ve planned.

21. Go Shopping (with a Limit)

Treat yourself to something that you’ve been wanting or needing for a long time. Make sure that your wants/needs are within your budget.

Personally, I love buying sneakers. Admittedly so, they don’t get much traction – but they do look nice on my sneaker shelf.

22. Plan a Date Night

Whether it be with a friend, colleague, or your significant other/spouse planning a date night is a great way to practice self-care.

In all honesty, most of my days are either spent alone or with my kids. I find social activities to be exceedingly rewarding when it comes to my own needs in regard to my self-care.

Grab dinner, or go see a movie – whatever you do, enjoy the quality time you get to spend away from the everyday worries and stresses.

23. Binge a New Series on Netflix

Have some free time? It is surprising how relaxing it can actually be to just kick back and relax for a few hours enjoy something intriguing and entertaining. Netflix is a great go-to when you just feel like getting comfy on the couch.

24. Bake Something Sweet

I love baking, although for me it is often a hit or a miss. I am not exactly Betty Crocker in the kitchen.

There are, however, a few things that I would consider myself great at baking. My daughters absolutely love when I make my homemade chocolate chip cookies. I can also deliver an amazing homemade brownie!

What’s your favorite thing to bake at home? Indulge, mamas.

25. Bond with Your Pet

Did you know that are pets naturally help us to reduce our stress levels, mamas?

Playing with or petting your pet is an easy, lovable way to practice self-care. Who doesn’t love cuddling up to their furry friends?

Our house consists of 3 dogs and a cat that my little family simply adores.

If you do not have any pets at home, consider visiting your local animal shelter or pet store to soak up some animal bonding time,

26. Visit the Library

There are so many great benefits to reading. Reading promotes improved memory, reduced stress, and increased self-esteem. It also allows the reader an opportunity to learn or improve upon their skills.

For me, reading is the ultimate form of relaxation. I simply love a good book.

27. Get Outside

Get outside for some fresh air, go for a quick walk or just sit outside – it is an important part of your self-care.

The benefit of fresh air and sunshine have amble effects on not just your mental health but your physical health as well. Sun provides you with much-needed vitamin D and help combat seasonal affect disorder (SAD).

28. Text a Friend/Family Member

Maybe it is just a simple, “Hey, what’s up?” or maybe it’s a funny meme or an article that you have opted to share.

Maybe you’ve had a rough day and you just need to vent about it for a moment to an old friend.

Reaching out to a friend is an often-overlooked practice of social self-care. More so, keeping in contact with our close friends can be beneficial in so many ways.

29. Have a Cup of Tea

Brew yourself your own cup of your favorite hot tea and take a few moments to just sit down and enjoy it. I mean – sit down without distractions and indulge in your cup of tea while it is still hot.

I often enjoy specialty teas with a slice of lemon – my personal preference being green tea.

30. Create a Vision Board

I recently started creating my own vision board and I must say – it is a great way to get out of your head while creating goals and dreams that are within your reach.

A great way to begin creating your very own vision board is to simply browse through magazines and clip the images that you feel relate to the things you want to achieve. Get creating, mamas!

31. Attend a Movie

Whether you head out to your local cinema or just lay up on the couch, movies are a great form of self-care. Movies not only help you to relax, but they can serve as an escape to the real world.

Get the popcorn, mamas.

32. Get a Manicure

For me, getting a manicure is a simple pleasure.

We all deserve spa days, if you ask me – but sometimes a simple manicure can do the trick.

33. Indulge with Wine

In all honesty, I had to look over this list to ensure that this idea was only listed once. (Guilty.)

I never truly understand the quality of a simple glass of wine until I entered motherhood. For me, wine is such a positive thing. (Don’t judge me.)

Now, I cannot understand how I managed so long without it. At the end of a long, exhausting day a simple glass of wine has a way of unwinding both our minds and our bodies.

Go the extra mile with this one – run yourself a nice, warm bubble bath, lay back, and relax while sipping on a glass of your favorite wine.

Pink Moscato or White Zinfandel are my top choices of wine.

34. Eat Something Healthy

Head to your local farmer’s market and stock up all things healthy. Load up your plate with those fruits and vegetables that you have been avoiding. Fruits and vegetables are a great source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants.

Maybe you need to limit your sugar intake. The most important thing to consider when it comes to nutrition and self-care is that your relationship with food as the ability to promote balance in your life.

So put down the cookies and pick up that avocado, mama. (Avocados are my personal favorite.)

35. Get Creative and Crafty

Crafting can be beneficial to both yourself and to your children. It is a great way to inspire creativity and has also been proven to reduce stress. Surely a great addition to your self-care routine.

Here are some great suggestions for easy crafts that you can create with your children:

36. Have Lunch at Your Favorite Restaurant

Enjoying a delicious meal at your favorite local restaurant is a great way to engage in self-care.

37. Use Essential Oil Roll-Ons

Essential oil roll-ons can provide a variety of benefits in the aspect of our self-care. There are a variety of essential oil roll-ons that are targeted for an individual’s specific needs, such as stress relief or calming and relaxation.

The best part about essential oil roll-ons is that they are perfect for our on-the-go self-care needs.

38. Purchase Fresh Flowers or a Kitchen Plant

Mamas, you do not need a husband or significant other to buy you flowers – buy them for yourself.

Buying yourself flowers is indeed an act of self- care. They are considered a gift that you give yourself simply because they are beautiful and frivolous.

Flowers just have a way of cheering us up.

39. Clean

Some of you may know that I struggle with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), as well as extreme anxiety. For me, there is simply nothing that can compare to a clean home.

Even more so, having the ability to control my environment even when

40. Garden

I find that getting my hands dirty outside in the garden tremendously helps with my anxiety. Gardening has also been stated to reduce stress and improve mood and depression.

41. Clean Your Office or Workspace

I don’t know about you, but I feel so much better when everything is clean and organized.

42. Go to Bed Early

There will always be those days when your little one doesn’t nap – my 2-yr-old son is quickly phasing out of naptime. EEEEK!

Head to bed after the kids or with them. Don’t be afraid to call it an early night sometimes and allow your body to recharge. Sometimes it is necessary.

43. Create a List of 52 Things You Would Like to Try

Commit to trying out one of those things each week. This could easily be a list of fun activities you’d like to try. Be creative.

44. Paint Your Nails

Whether you go to the nail salon for a manicure and pedicure, or you pain your nails at home yourself, caring for your nails is indeed an act of self-care.

Besides, who doesn’t feel better with a fresh coat of paint?

45. Monitor Your Screen Time and Set Limits

If you have an iPhone then you may be familiar with their Screen Time feature.

When turned on, it shows you how long you actually spending on your devices. And trust me, you would be shocked.

Set limits for yourself. Sometimes it can be beneficial to fight those temptations that we have to just check out Pinterest for second or scroll on our Facebook timelines.

46. Try a New Hobby

When you are a mama that already implements something creative with their regular routine, you’re looking for a relaxing activity, or you are looking to step out of your comfort zone – having a hobby as part of your self-care routine can help to promote your self-esteem and boost your overall mood.

47. Have a Drink

I know, I know – it sounds cliché almost. Pour yourself a shot or mix it up with a cocktail. Take your drink outside and soak up some sun or watch the sunset.

Tip: It’s 5’o’clock somewhere!

48. Plan a Date Night with Your Significant Other

Date nights are a great way for you and your significant other to engage in acts of self-care together.

49. Tackle Your To-do List

Have a to-do list, mamas? I have several. Pick something on one of your lists – no task is too big or too small – and complete it. I mean, like totally finish it and cross it off your list.

My to-do lists seem endless at times. It seems like as I complete each task, there is always something else that needs to be added to the list. In all honesty, most of the task son my lists are only half-completed.

The feeling that consumes you in the moment when you can actually eliminate something from your list is nothing less than amazing – trust me, mamas.

50. Draw or Sketch

Making time for any form of art is a great way to promote self-care.

I, personally, have a massive collection of sketchbooks that I have been drawing/sketching in since I was just a young adolescent teen.

Drawing/sketching has always been a way for me to escape the real world – if only for a moment.

51. Organize Your Closet

Taking care of yourself and your space is an often-overlooked aspect of self-care.

52. Take a Drive

Sometimes taking a nice drive without a destination in mind is exactly what you need to unwind.

53. Start a Blog

When I first began my blog, it was as an outlet for ME. It was essentially, an aspect of my self-care. My blog was a safe space for me to go and write my heart out. Write about my struggles with mental health, as well as, my struggle to find the balance in motherhood.

I wanted to share my journey with others – to give my words meaning and my experiences the power to help other struggling moms. To allow other moms to recognize and to know that — you are not alone.

A blog is really what you make of it – if you want to make money blogging, it is absolutely possible.

Blogging is also still a great way to journal. Write your heart out if you wish!

You can blog about whatever you want – the sky is the limit – and the purpose your blog will serve for yourself and for others is entirely up to you.

Blogging has easily become a life-changing factor of my own personal self-care.

I am still learning while creating content and sharing my life experiences with all of you.

54. Make Note of the Things That Are Bothering You

Take a moment to compile a physical list of the things that are bothering you – no matter how simple or complex they may seem.

Now, throw it away.

With this simple exercise you are able to give the things that are bother you a physical place to manifest themselves and release them from your mind.

55. Go Digital

Scan some of your documents, photos, or recipes and save them digitally – thus removing some physical clutter from your home.

56. Learn Something New 

Learning something new can reduce stress and anxiety, as well as keep your brain active and healthy.

And hey, who can object to adding a new skill or hobby to their personal resume.

57. Do a Walk-Through of Your Home and Note the Things That You Would Like to Improve Upon

Self-care activities do not always have to be the most obvious. While walking through your home or apartment make a list of the things that you would like to get done or improve upon.

This may include a hole in the wall that needs to be plastered, a room that needs to be repainted, or a dresser knob that needs to be replaced.

Make an effort to complete this list of projects.

58. Pre-Chop Fruits and Vegetables

Ease the stress that accompanies mealtime by pre-chopping your fruits and vegetables. This can also be a great time-saver for us busy mamas.

59. Declutter

Essentially decluttering is a way to rid of some of the physical things that are weighing on your mind.

Sort through that stack of papers or magazines that have been piling up in the corner and toss some in the recycling bin or downsize your children’s toys. Surely, if you are anything like me, you will find a few things are simply taking up space both literally and in your mind.

60. Create a New Pinterest Board

I have been using Pinterest for as long as I can remember, but it was only recently that I have begun to use it to promote my blog and business.

Pinterest is a phenomenal way to gather inspiration – the possibilities are almost endless.

Trying to get organized? Pinterest. Need home décor ideas? Pinterest. Planning a Birthday Party;? Pinterest.

61. Organize a Donation

How long has it’s been since you have sorted through your closet or clothes? My bet is that you have several items (clothing or otherwise) that have simply been taking up space in your home.

Or maybe your pantry cabinets are experiencing an overstock of canned goods? Gather them and prepare a donation for your local food pantry.

Donations are a great way to declutter your space and feel good about where your things are going. Sometimes it is easier to convince ourselves that someone else needs something than it is to convince ourselves that we do not need it.

62. Indulge on Amazon

Buy that item that you’ve had sitting in your cart for a while or even purchase something new for yourself – you deserve it mama!

63. Turn Off Your Phone

Sometimes all we really need is a Time Out – we need to disconnect ourselves from the digital world.

I often put my phone on do not disturb, place in on my charger and just forget about it for a little while.

64. Time Waste Management

Eliminate the things in your life that you categorize as “a waste of your time”. Maybe this includes a game or your phone, or an app that you never use.

65. Renovate

Plan an upcoming home renovation project. Whether it be a small DIY project that you have been putting off, or something more time consuming.

Invest time into it.

66. Color an Adult Coloring Book

It’s amazing how relaxing coloring can be. Coloring can also be beneficial to your mental and emotional health.

It has been stated that coloring can reduce stress and help with anxiety and depression.

I tend to color when I am feeling overwhelmed or irritable. My favorite adult coloring books – hands down, are the swear word coloring books. There is something incredibly comforting and almost therapeutic about coloring, “Fuck You” or “Bullshit” – I can’t explain it.

67. Go for a Long Walk

It’s not too surprising that walking is such a powerful tool to have in your self-care toolkit. Taking a walk is such an easy way to implement self-care into your weekend.

Walking promotes physical wellness but can also help to alleviate stress and promote a healthy mind.

Essentially, walking gives us a much needed mental boost.

68. Create a Meal Plan for the Week

I struggle immensely with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Needless, to say it is incredibly helpful for me when things are planned out – this includes meals for the week.

Meal planning enables you to make decisions about what to eat and more importantly what to cook once or twice a week as opposed to everyday.

This makes mealtime much less stressful for us busy mamas.

69. Draw or Sketch

Guiltily, I have a 40-gallon storage bin in my basement filled with sketchbooks that I have continued to hoard since I was in grade school. 

I love to draw/sketch – it has been an escape of mine since I was younger.

For me, it has essentially been therapeutic. It is a way for me to express my thoughts and feelings without having to confront them verbally.

Drawing also does not require you to have any skills or experience, so stick figures are totally acceptable.

70. Wash Your Car

Yes, this includes going through the car wash.

I have a really close friend who will often decide to go to the car wash when she is having a bad day – she finds it to be relaxing. 

71. Plan Out Your Instagram Feed

Are you an active Instagram User? Do you just love IG photos?

Invest in an App (free or otherwise) to help you organize your feed. Maybe even create a color scheme to make your IG feed more aesthetically pleasing.

72. Do Your Eyebrows

I do not often get my eyebrows done, I will however tweeze them as needed.

I have this amazing waxing kit (beads) that I found on Amazon that is amazing to utilize when you simply want your eyebrows to be on point.

If you are anything like me, a good waxing can easily make you feel like a million bucks.

73. Take a Hike

Spending any time in the great outdoors can surely reduce stress but it has also been proven to boost mood and improve mental health.

There are also many health benefits to hiking, including lowered risk of heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure.

74. Get Your Hair Done

Mamas, I’m not talking about getting up and brushing your hair – I’m talking about reinventing yourself with a new look.

I have a best friend that took cosmetology in school and is amazing at hairstyling, as well as in-home manicures (at least for me!). You don’t have to go to a fancy salon or hairdresser for a cut, style, and color – indulge within your own limits.

You’d be surprised at how refreshed and confident you can feel after a hair makeover.

75. Declutter Your Computer

Admittedly, I am the worst when it comes to saving images and taking screenshots on my computer. I save everything!

Take a few minutes to sort through some of your photos or files – delete the things that you do not need.

This is another form of digital decluttering.

76. Plan a Family Day

77. Play an Instrument

Pick out an instrument and play your heart out.

Growing up I used to find the keyboard or piano to be so relaxing.

78. Cook a Meal That You Love

This is as simple as it sounds and even better – it can be a meal that the entire family loves.

My little one’s love when I make what we call American Chop Suey – a simple American meal complete with seasoned ground meat, diced peppers, onions, and garlic, and homemade sauce tossed over our favorite pasta (cavatappi).

79. Learn How to Read Food Labels

So the saying goes, “we are what we eat” – chances are that if we are not able to pronounce the name of the ingredient, we likely should not be consuming it.

80. Get Dressed (Dress Up)

Put on something nice – something that makes you feel good!

81. Write a List of Things You’ve Overcome

Taking a few minutes to write a list of things you’ve overcome can be surprisingly relieving.

82. Grocery Shop Online

Eliminate the stress of bringing the kids to grocery store (we refer to it as the zoo) and rummaging down the aisles.

Order your groceries online, limiting it only to your needs.

You’ll save money and time.

83. Go Grocery Shopping (shop for healthy alternatives)

Fight the temptations to get those cookies or bag of chips. Seek other alternatives while shopping.

84. Photography

I wouldn’t describe myself as having a passion for photography, but I do, however, love taking photos of my kids.

Capture the moments, mamas!

85. Kick the Negativity

Whether you are a negative self-talker, like me, or you come upon negativity otherwise – it is time to ditch it.

Negative energy can be all-consuming and exhausting.

86. Light a Candle

How could lighting a candle be a form of self-care, mamas? Think about it.

The feeling after you light up your favorite candle – the warm light and scented aroma feeling the room. You feel relaxed, calm.

 I could easily be categorized as obsessed with candles. I have scents and fragrances for every season, every holiday – I even have a collection of candles that are purposed for stress relief.

There is simply something about candles that I find so incredibly soothing and satisfying.

87. Plan a Date with Your Children

Who do you do it for, mamas? The number of times I will ask you this question is unimaginable – but it is so vitally important.

For me, my children are my everything. They are my motivation to be the best version of myself possible. They will always be the answer to this question, no matter how many times it is asked.

The time that we spend with our children is valuable – enjoy the moments.

88. Delete Unused Apps from Your Phone

Eliminate digital clutter.

89. Create a List of Goals for the Year

When it comes to contemplating your goals, the sky is truly the limit, mamas.

You can be modest or dream big – it is completely up to you.

When creating a list of goals that I wish to achieve it often includes a variety of crafts that I’d like to complete which often come accompanied by holiday deadlines, etc.

Creating a list, ultimately allows me to become more organized with things that I am planning, thus, I also become more productive and more likely to achieve those goals.

90. Create a New Song Playlist

Music has so many overlooked benefits. It has been proven to promote decreased anxiety, increased self-awareness, and an overall sense of mindfulness.

I may be a city girl, but when it comes to music that soothes my soul my playlist consists almost completely of country music. Country music has an unexplainable way of alleviating some of the pressures of everyday life.

Music easily puts my mind at ease and can serve as a distraction from the things that are stressing me out.

91. Stop Making Excuses

This is something that likely will have to be practiced daily.

It is much easier said than done, but once you are able to eliminate the reasons why you “can’t” – you will find yourself to be more productive.

You got this, mamas! Eventually you will be able to see past your excuses and begin to make space for your accomplishments.

92. Go to the Gym

Do you enjoy exercising? Take an hour to attend your local gym.

93. Decrease Your Screen Time (Set Limits)

Reduced screentime promotes improved focus and increased productivity, among other unforeseen benefits.

I like to “unplug” myself from social media every so often, and although it seems difficult – it is actually really easy to do.

Try journaling instead of scrolling through your Facebook and Instagram feeds, plan a time or a day (maybe Self-Care Sunday) without screentime, or consider some of the apps that you use that may have some offscreen alternatives. For example, writing down your shopping list instead of using your Notes application or playing a physical game with your family instead of one on your phone.

94. Call Your Mom, Sister or Best Friend

It sounds so simple, yet it is one of the most effective self-care ideas to satisfy our social needs.

Sometimes all we need is a simple conversation with the someone that we trust and feel that we can confide in.

95. Complete a Sudoku, Wordsearch or Crossword Puzzle

I find a good Sudoku puzzle to be incredibly relaxing. Essentially, for me, it is the perfect prescription for my self-care.

Not only can Sudoku, Wordsearch and Crossword puzzle be relaxing, but they are great way to exercise your mind.

96. Have a Pajama Day with the Kids (Mommy and Me)

Have a pajama day with the kids – make sure its purpose is to be restful and peaceful. Lounge around and read a book, play games, or watch movies. Whatever you do – just relax, mamas.

97. Start a Bullet Journal

A bullet journal is a great way to implement self-care into your daily routine.

Bullet journals have also been stated to improve overall mental health and well-being. Essentially, bullet journaling is a beneficial way to boost your self-confidence, self-esteem, personality development and creativity.

98. Create a Self-Care Emergency Kit

Assemble a collection of your favorite items that make you feel good and boost your emotions.

These selected items will come in handy on those rough days where it seems as if your emotions and moods are just spiraling beyond our control – we all experience days like this.

My personal Self-Care Emergency Kit consists of items such as, essential oils, my favorite candle, a great book, a notebook and pen for journaling, face masks, an adult coloring book, and sudoku puzzles – even a bottle of my favorite wine!

99. Write a Letter to Your Kids

This could be a personal letter written to your children, or may be even a short, thoughtful note for their lunch boxes or backpacks.

Admittedly, when my daughters were younger, I created email addresses for them and although I haven’t been keeping up with it as much as I’d like to – I will often send them photos or descriptions from events or memories.

This is something for them to open when they are older. An idea that is definitely worthy of a spot on your own personal list of self-care ideas.

100. Downsize Your Closet

I tend to keep my clothes for much longer than I probably should. The chances are that if you haven’t worn it in the last 6 months, you likely won’t wear it again.

Sort through your closet, leaving only the items that you love or that you know you will wear.

Donate the items that you have convinced yourself to part with.

101.Unfollow/Delete Friends on Social Media

It is no secret that in a world full of judgement and expectations social media has the ability to bring us down. Do not allow this.

Eliminate the followers/friends that promote negative energy is one of the best ways to practice self-care. As a result, you only follow those who you find inspiring or know on a personal level – promoting a more positive vibe and energy in your everyday life – or in this case, I guess your weekend.

102. Prepare a Simple Meal

When it comes to dinner made easy, I always depend on my handy dandy slow cooker.

It enables me to easily prep dinner in the morning – season the meat, prepare the marinade or sauce, and chop the vegetables.

After that it is as easy as tossing it all into the slow cooker and BOOM! I do not have to worry about dinner for the rest of the day.

By dinner time, we have the most simple and delicious meal ready for us to enjoy.

Better yet – consider trying out a new recipe.

103.Treat the Kids

Who would have thought that treating our kids could be a good idea when considering our self-care?

Sometimes we overlook the fact that the simple things we do can result in such positive outcomes.

So, take the squad out for ice cream, indulge in that videogame they’ve been asking for, or spend an afternoon at the park playing with their friends.

So they say,

“giving is the ultimate form of receiving”.

It feels good to give. And even more so, seeing our children happy is the ultimate gift.

104.Delete Unused Applications from Your Phone

Digital decluttering.

105. Purchase a New Outfit

Sometimes a new outfit or wardrobe change can have the ability to make you feel like a whole new person.

106. Tackle a Task That You’ve Been Putting Off

Maybe you’ve been meaning to tackle the kids closet and downsize their wardrobe or sort through what seems like the endless number of crafts bins you’ve been stacking up.

It could even be something as simple as folding the laundry or putting the dishes done. 

107. Make Plans with a Friend

Whether you make plans to include the kids, or just yourselves, spending time with another adult is a -great way to fuel your social self-care.

108. Stop Complaining

When we feel overworked and overwhelmed as mamas, it is easy to feel sorry for ourselves. In some cases, this can be chronic.

We must make a change, mamas. Complaining yields no results.

109. Paper Plate Day

Oh, how I dread doing the dishes. It seems like an endless task in my house. Every time I clear the sink of dishes – BOOM! Another sink full of dishes seems to appear. It’s like magic.

Have a paper plate day. Maybe even throw in plastic cups and utensils.

Say NO to dishes – if only for a day, mamas.

110. Order Take-Out

Forget about dinner for a night and spare yourself the messy kitchen and endless dishes. It is worth it – I promise you.

111. Unfollow/Unfriend People on Social Media

Too often we get caught up comparing ourselves to the unrealistic expectations that we view daily on social media platforms.

Only follow those who you know personally, or you find inspiring.

112.Pajama Day

I am simply obsessed with pajamas, and not just because they are comfortable. So, an entire day spent in my pajamas sounds more than magical – just be sure not to do so on a regular basis.

Imagine waking up on a Saturday morning in your favorite soft and cuddly pajamas and NOT getting dressed. After a long week, a pajama day can feel so rewarding.

So, go for it mamas. Have a pajama day with your kids – you could even spice it up by having breakfast for dinner.

113. Go Outside

There is no need to have a specific destination in mind. Just simply get out and enjoy the fresh air.

It’s less expensive and way healthier than fast food! 

114. Go Through Old Photos

They grow up so fast, don’t they? I find that going through old photos is a perfect opportunity to reminisce.

My daughters’ and I love to look through photos from our trip to Florida a few years ago – it is by far, their favorite place.

Sometimes it is truly the simplest things that make us feel like our best selves. There are so many great ideas for how to implement self-care into our weekend routine.

It is safe to say that many of these ideas for self-care are not exactly typical self-care ideas that would normally stumble upon for moms – they are much more simplified.

Self-care does not have to be elaborate, expensive, or time consuming.

As mamas, we often overthink our self-care. Don’t.

Self-care can be as easy as kicking back on the couch for a few minutes with your feet up.

Self-care is quite literally anything that makes YOU feel better. There are no other requirements. It can be something in the moment, temporary or long-term.

Whatever it is – self-care must be about you!

I remember the first time I went to the nail salon after having my son in 2019 – I felt like a new person entirely. It was so refreshing.

Often times, before heading out for the day, I will now make a solid effort to apply a little makeup – for me, this is something as simple as applying my favorite mascara or lipstick. It gives me that extra boost of self-confidence to start my day.

I truly believe that for us mamas, the time we spend away is undervalued. It is a necessary aspect of our self-care. Once we are able to overcome the inevitable mom guilt that we often feel in association with our self-care, we can discover its’ value.

I can honestly state that even after just a few hours of shopping at Target in complete solitude (with no kids) – I am a better parent for it.

So, mamas – I encourage to consider the last time you had a chance to clear your mind. You deserve it.

Make time for you – whether it be 5 minutes or entire day.

Which of these self-care ideas for moms will you try first? Or better yet – have an idea for self-care that didn’t make the list?

Share your thoughts and comments with me below! 🙂

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