The Ultimate List of 75+ Easy St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

Hey mamas! March is here and St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. It is finally time to embrace my absolute favorite color, GREEN, while we prepare for the luckiest day of the year.

If you are looking for crafts and activities to keep your little ones inspired and engaged, I have got you covered! From rainbows, to leprechauns, and pots of gold – you will surely find a craft you will love in this Ultimate List of 100+ St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids.

25+ Rainbow Crafts for Kids

·                    Painted Stone Rainbow from Non-Toy Gifts

·                    Rainbow Necklace from Little Worlds

·                    Rainbow Windsock from Kids’ Craft Room

·                    Paper Plate Rainbow with Clouds from Arty Crafty Kids

·                    Watermelon Rind Rainbow Print from Emma Owl

·                    Paper Plate Rainbow Garden from Zing Zing Tree

·                    Pom Pom Rainbow Collage from Danya Banya

·                    Cereal Rainbow Craft from Growing a Jeweled Rose

·                    Tissue Paper Rainbow Shamrock from Housing a Forest

·                    Rainbow Suncatcher from Fireflies & Mud Pies

·                    Paper Strip Rainbow Craft from One Little Project

·                    Paper Plate Rainbow Kids Craft from A Night Owl

·                    Paper Plate Sunshine Rainbow Craft from Daisy Cottage Designs

·                    Rainbow Wind Catchers from A Pretty Cool Life

·                    Paper Plate Rainbow from Resourceful Mama

·                    Paper Plate Yarn Art Craft from I Heart Crafty Things

·                    Coffee Filter Rainbow Craft from Craft Play Learn

·                    Rainbow Windsocks from Kids Craft Room

·                    Cereal Rainbow Craft from Hunny I’m Home DIY

·                    Tissue Paper Rainbow Suncatcher from Where Imagination Grows

·                    Pasta Rainbow Mobile from B-Inspired Mama

·                    Celery Stamping Rainbow Fish Craft from Crafty Morning

·                    Pipe Cleaner Rainbow Craft from Made to Be a Momma

·                    Construction Paper Rainbow Craft from Active Littles

·                    Rainbow Craft from The Peaceful Nest

·                    Rainbow Shaker Wands from Happy Mothering

25+ Leprechaun Crafts for Kids

·                    Paper Plate Leprechaun from Crafty Morning

·                    Leprechaun Pudding Cup Craft from Crafty Morning

·                    Leprechaun Blowers from Kids Craft Room

·                    Recycled Can Leprechaun Craft from Crafty Morning

·                    Clothespin Leprechaun Craft  from The Best Ideas for Kids

·                    Leprechaun Popsicle Stick Craft from Artsy Crafty Mom

·                    Popsicle Stick Leprechaun Craft from Messy Little Monster

·                    Shape Leprechaun Craft from Non Toys

·                    Paper Leprechaun Craft from The Best Ideas for Kids

·                    Toilet Paper Roll Leprechaun Craft from Simple Everyday Mom

·                    Leprechaun Craft for Kids from The Resourceful Mama

·                    Leprechaun Handprint Craft from Crafty Morning

·                    Leprechaun Toilet Paper Roll from Crafty Morning

·                    Paper Tear Leprechaun Craft from I Heart Crafty Things

·                    Leprechaun Dress-up Craft from Paging Super Mom

·        Leprechaun envelope puppet from I Heart Crafty Things

·   Leprechaun binoculars from Crafty Morning

·                   Paper roll leprechaun hat from The Resourceful Mama

·                   Leprechaun with a fruity cheerios cereal beard from I Heart Crafty Things

·                   Paper leprechaun craft from Housing a Forest

·                   Leprechaun with a fork print beard from Crafty Morning

·                   Paper leprechaun hat with rainbow from Preschool Playbook

·                   Leprechaun with kid’s face from Happy Home Fairy

·                   Leprechaun footprint from B-Inspired Mama

·                   Leprechaun hat from aluminum foil tart pan from Preschool Toolkit

·                    Leprechaun in pot of gold from  A Cupcake for the Teacher

·                   Puffy paint leprechaun craft from Crafty Morning

·                    Leprechaun Finger Puppets from I Heart Crafty Things

25+ Shamrock Crafts for Kids

·                    St. Patrick’s Day Straw Art from Mess for Less

·             Shamrock Drip Painting from Toddler Approved

·             Shamrock Prints for Toddlers from Minne Mama

·                    Wine Cork Shamrocks from Crafty Morning

·             Shamrock Foam Dough from Crayon Box Chronicles

·             Stained Glass Shamrock Craft from Housing a Forest

·                    Beaded Shamrocks  from Fun A Day

·             Yarn Wrapped Shamrock Craft from Red Ted Art

·                    Shamrock Wand Craft from Messy Little Monsters

·                    Bell Pepper Shamrock Stamping from Crafty Morning

·                    Shamrock Man Craft from The Resourceful Mama

·                    Paper Roll Shamrock Man from Sweet and Lovely Crafts

·                    Mosaic Paper Shamrocks from Happiness is Homemade

·                    Shamrock Mason Jars from Chica Circle

·                    Painted Sham-Rocks from The Pinterested Parent

·                    Clover Suncatchers from Pink Stripey Socks

·                    Bubble Wrap Painted Shamrock from Craft Corner Diy

·                    Clover Paper Art from Meaningful Mama

·                    Shamrock Man from Little Family Fun

·                    Shamrock Puppets from Typically Simple

·                    Paper Strip Shamrocks  from Sugar Bee Crafts

·                    Kids Shamrock Mixed Media Craft from The Inspiration Edit

·                    Spinning Shamrock Craft from The Soccer Mom Blog

·                    Q Tip Painted Shamrocks from Craft Corner Diy

·                    Handprint Shamrock Keepsake from Glued to My Crafts

·                    Cupcake Wrapper Shamrock Craft from The Chirping Moms

·                    Marshmallow Shamrock Painting from The Pinterested Parent

With so many creative and inspiring ideas on this Ultimate List of St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids, all that is left to decide is which one you will create first.

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